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Shannon Tyler for SC House District 30

For over 35 years, Tyler has championed Conservative Principles and Values in both Texas and South Carolina.  He brings a wealth of experience in political matters as part of The Republican Party and his involvement in multiple local, state, and national campaigns.  He has been elected to attend the State Republican Convention in both Texas and South Carolina and was elected as an Alternate to the Republican National Convention in 2020.  He has represented the Cherokee County Republican Party in various roles including County Chairman.

About Shannon

Shannon was born and raised in Gaffney, South Carolina. As a teenager, he worked at his family’s business, Curtis Mathes Television, where learned the value of earning your rewards. After graduating from Wofford College, he moved to Houston, Texas, working in Sales, Social Work, and as a Co-Owner of a Physical Fitness Studio before returning to Gaffney in 2004 along with his wife, Stephanie Moss Tyler. He currently teaches a Special Education class at BD Lee Elementary.


“Cherokee County is uniquely positioned to grow significantly in the next decade. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, we need Conservative leadership with forward thinking. I pledge to represent District 30 voters in a Conservative manner and to be available to address their concerns.” -Shannon Tyler

2nd Amendment Rights

I believe in the 2nd Amendment

I believe Americans have a right to own firearms for the following:
Personal Safety, Hunting, Recreation, & Target Shooting


I believe rural South Carolina’s infrastructure to be underfunded

I promise that all areas of South Carolina will have safe roads & bridges under my leadership


I aim to get schools “out of the cellar & into the national spotlight”
I promise to enforce a 6 Point Plan for Education:

1. Reform our education system into an efficient model
2. Track all funds from Columbia & cut administrative costs
3. Find more reliable funding than Act 388
4. Adjust the focus on technology & trade schools
5. Make schools work for each child & encourage more parental involvement
6. Lower costs of state school tuition

Police Support

I am adamantly “True to the Blue”

I recognize the need to provide law enforcement with the necessary equipment to keep us safe

I support police for keeping us safe

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“I am excited for the future of Cherokee County, and look forward to helping the county and state flourish.” -Shannon Tyler